Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hero Lineup

Most of my familiarity with the Marvel Universe comes through movies, tv shows, and games.  I've actually never read a Marvel comic book in my life.  It just wasn't something I was interested in growing up.  I was more of a Baseball card collector.  However,  I did watch the X-Men cartoon, play the X-Men arcade game, and other such popular things.  Of course, the recent Marvel movies have been awesome too.

Marvel Heroes has 48 heroes, many of which I don't know all that much about.  Who the heck is Vision?  So the list of heroes I've gotten so far shouldn't be surprising.

Captain America.  I started with him, as I am the patriotic sort and really enjoyed the movies.

Cyclops.  I picked him up for a few reasons.  One, I know who he is.  Although, I think he got a pretty raw deal in the recent X-Men movies.  Two, he is ranged as opposed to the melee Captain America.  Three, he provides a 10% XP boost once leveled.

Juggernaut.  I've always liked Juggernaut.  Big gruff guy who just wrecks everything.  He has an interesting momentum mechanic too.

Rogue.  I'm familiar with her from the lore, but what really sold me was her mechanic.  She can steal skills from bosses/players and make her own kit.  That sounds like a lot of fun.

Iceman.  I got this guy from the Avengers box randomly.  I know nothing about him, except he can summon ice creatures.

That's who I have right now.  Rumor has it, Marvel Heroes will give everyone a free hero voucher for their anniversary, so I need to start thinking who I should get.  Hulk is the front runner at the moment.