Friday, June 19, 2015

KotFE Pricing

I was quite surprised to hear that the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion was going to be given out free to all subscribers.  Does that really mean it's free, or worth $15?  Do you come up with a value of all the subscription benefits and subtract it from that price?  Anyway, it kind of worries me a little.

I do think the main reason they are not charging extra is that the Shadow of Revan expansion came out less than a year ago.  While I wouldn't have a problem shelling out more money, I imagine other people might.  So, we have a 'free' expansion.

What concerns me is how can they afford to make it free?  They also spent a pretty penny on that Blur trailer.  Does that mean that the expansion was cheap to make?  Are we getting something pretty short with corners cut?  I'd honestly feel better being charged extra for it.

Meanwhile,  Guild Wars 2 is charging $50 - $100 for their expansion.  I have no idea if it is worth it as I don't pay much attention to the game.  But, my consumer trained mind thinks that must be 'better.'

BioWare pretty much had guaranteed money from me if they had something to sell.  Did they miss out on an opportunity, or was not charging twice in one year more important?