Friday, June 12, 2015

Housing vs Conquest

BioWare made an unannounced change to the SWTOR PTS this week.  They increased the amount of decorations you can place on Tatooine (and the upcoming Yavin stronghold) by around 100%.  That is a huge change, one which I like quite a bit.  You would think everyone would be happy about it, right?  Wrong.

SWTOR has this Conquest system, which you do stuff, get points, get rewards.  The points happen to be affected by how full your Strongholds are.  So a big increase in the amount of decorations you can place, lowers peoples Conquest effectiveness.  I can't really blame them for not being happy about the change.

The situation is just bad, a great change like this should not have an adverse impact to players who really don't care about housing.  I think the bonus should be uncoupled from the housing system.  It is just going to cause angst between two groups of players where there shouldn't be any.