Friday, January 16, 2015

SWTOR Happenings

I'm technically still on my little hiatus from the game, but it is hard to stay away.  I logged in this week to grab the 3rd anniversary rewards.  I had been procrastinating with them, but now I have a bunch.  The galaxy map is probably my favorite decoration.  The paintings are neat too though.

I am still waiting to hear about a road map for this year from BioWare.  Other games have been coming out with them, but crickets for SWTOR.  Hopefully they have something in the works.  No reason they shouldn't unless they are trying to hide something.

We are starting to get information about the next patch, 3.1, at least. So far, the two big ticket items are the Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt Flashpoints being made into Hard Mode's.  This is nice, as more variety is a good thing.  I won't ever do them, so it does nothing for me.  It's too early to say if this is all we are getting in 3.1 as BioWare keeps adding things.

In the mean time, I am continuing to play The Repopulation.  I'm also starting to get into the mood to play more Rimworld.  This weekend will be a busy one, so we'll see what I actually get to play.