Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Bad Experience

So a couple of days ago I had my first bad experience in The Repopulation.  It's a pretty strange occurrence for me, as it rarely happens for me in games.  It wasn't any kind of technical issue, sadly.  It was with a fellow player. I'm about as nice as they come, so I usually don't find this kind of behavior.

It started with a message on Trade, with this person wanting to buy some minerals.  One of my primary activities in the game in mining and selling the results to people.  As I am still pretty new to the game, I have no idea if the price I am getting is high, low, or just right.  So I figured I'd ask how much they are paying for the mineral.

Apparently, this was a mistake.  He refused to tell me, cursed at me, and called me a liar when I tried to explain that I was new and wasn't sure how much things would go for.  Apparently, pricing is some state secret.  Nevermind that I could have easily obtained this information by lying to him and saying I had the mineral for sale.

I'm guessing that he was worried about me offering more, or something.  Still, it's no excuse.  Lets not forget that this is an alpha test of a game which just had a wipe a week or so ago.  In the end,  I found someone with whom I will never do business with.  In fact,  I'll probably research the mineral and enter the market myself.

I don't want you to think the community is all bad.  The forums have been very helpful and friendly.  I've also found people who are good to work with in game.