Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Farewell Massively?

By all indications, Joystiq will be shutting down.  And by association, Massively.  While I never really visited Joystiq, I'm sad to see Massively go.  I know a bunch of good people who have worked for it over the years. I've had my issues with the site, mainly due to covering bad news while eschewing good, but it was still a decent resource at times.

I don't visit many mainstream game sites anymore.  Between blogs and Twitter, I get my fill of news.  Plus, I don't really have to worry about paid advertisements that way.  Are the days of major game sites over?  I don't know, they certainly seem to be in decline.  Add in the wave of journalistic ethics that is going around, I prefer my news directly from the source or bloggers.