Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting into The Repopulation

I backed The Repopulation early last year.  I think that got me into Alpha 4.  However, I just really started playing recently.  It's now available through Steam, which makes things a lot easier.  Good old Steam.  The game starts out like any other, with a tutorial.

The tutorial does an adequate job.  You get the opportunity to learn and try many of the basic skills.  These can all be purchased ones you leave for pretty cheap (80 credits).  So don't worry about messing something up here, it's all just practice basically.

There are no classes, it is all skill based.  So the more you mine, the more your mining skill goes up.  There is a hard skill cap of 60,000 (which is huge).  However, right now 6,000 is when things stop really mattering.  I've been mining a lot, and I'm ~580 right now.  It gave me the fancy mining title at 500.  Skill levels are also used to restrict some crafting recipes.

Gear is kind of like SWTOR.  It's all pretty much shells.  You put fittings in them which give them their power.  These fittings are looted (low quality) or crafted.  They also have to be repaired.  I have not dabbled in them much, as I have been crafting mostly.  It's not a simple task to make these fittings either, requiring parts from many disciplines.

I chose to start as the OWON faction, there are two (sorta).  The other is the dirty rebel type faction.  Then in PvP there are rogue nations.  So it is multi-faction PvP, not just 2 sides to the conflict.  I look forward to checking that out eventually.  It'll be a while though, as the world is pretty huge.  I've barely left the starting city and am still pretty busy trying to figure out what I want to do.