Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SWTOR Q&A Questions

Last week, I started to gather questions from Reddit to pass on to BioWare.  Overall, the response was pretty good.  A lot of questions were asked, but I could only take the top 10 based on points.  This, of course, caused some angst among some of the community who wanted different questions asked.  That is pretty much unavoidable though, so I won't let it bother me.

Below are the questions which I sent to BioWare.  As it is the holiday season, we probably won't get the answers until after the New Year.  Once the responses come in, I'll post them to Reddit and then on here.


1)  When will 12x return, and in what form?

2)  Right now the collections, achievements, and crafting windows are all sorted into collapsible categories. This would be great, but the fact that the menus always start fully expanded is very frustrating. Why was this decision made and is there any chance of this changing?

I would like to see, in order of preference, remember what I had open/collapsed last time, start with all collapsed, or have a collapse all button. Are there technical limitations preventing these from being implemented? It would be a HUGE QoL improvement for crafters and completionists like me and I think most people would like to see improvements to collections.

3)  What is your favorite feature added post launch?

4)  What can you tell us about the costume system?

5)  Are there any plans to backport [SOLO] mode to the older flashpoints in the game?

6)  Can old operations and flashpoints be "scaled up" into level 60 content in a way that still allows level 50/55 players to experience the original content while providing more options for end game content at level 60? (Similar to SM/HM except you would select the level first then the difficulty.)

7)  Can we get the ability to search for COMPANION GIFTS please? Like a heading for them, and then sub menus for type (military, cultural, trophy, etc) and also possibly rank?

8)  Gameplay wise, Treek is basically the best universal companion there is. Between having on demand tanking/healing capability from level 1, smart cc, heavy armor and the ability to be kitted out with legacy gear, her skillset and usability are simply superior to any other companion.

Now here's the question: Will we ever see a companion who is as good as that but not an EWOK?

9)  What's the road map for Operations? We had a full year of DF/DP and even with NM mode added during the summer months the content got stale pretty quick. Can we expect new Raids (not-NM versions of existing content) in 6 months? 1 year?

10)  When can we expect to see the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event again?