Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shadow of Revan Finished

Last week, on one of my days off, I finally managed to finish the Shadow of Revan expansion.  It took me a few weeks to do, mainly because I did things in bite sized chunks instead of long gaming sessions.  There will be some minor non-story spoilers in this post.  At the end, I was at level 59.5.  I figure I'll run some dailies to get this to 60 when I feel like venturing into PvP again.

The final fight with Revan was really cool.  It was great to fight alongside of the characters you dealt with throughout the expansion.  They had different effects, animations, and things to say.  Sure, the fight was never really in doubt, but it was fun none the less.  And the story, I was pretty satisfied with how it ended.

Overall,  I was very pleased with the Shadow of Revan expansion.  It was well worth $20.  If BioWare could somehow do this multiple times per yer, I'd gladly pay up.  I know that is just wishful thinking though.  While I was happy with it, the expansion was not perfect.  I'll go over this in another post though.

So for now, I will be visiting some other games.  I've been playing SWTOR solely for months, so I am looking forward to switching things up a bit.  Onward to The Repopulation and Elder Scrolls Online!  It won't be long before I am back in SWTOR PvPing though.