Monday, December 15, 2014

Battle of Rishi

Over the weekend, I finished up Rishi with the Battle of Rishi flashpoint (solo mode).  The premise of the instance was pretty cool.  It was pretty critical for the story so I had high hopes.  I was especially pleased with Blood Hunt coming into this.  Sadly, I ended up being pretty disappointed.

There was nothing really special about the setting.  It was nice, but felt generic.  In fact, nearly all of it takes place leading up to the cool objective, instead of inside the cool objective.  The sky was filled with a space battle, so that was cool.

The bosses in this instance were also underwhelming.  Two of the fights centered on the theme of Republic/Empire traitors working together.  That can be interesting, but there was not any cutscene or even good audio for them.  So the fights really didn't have any personality.  The last fight involved a walker, which was cool.  There is some decent audio and interesting things going on in this one.

Overall, the instance was trivial.  I understand why it has to be easy, but they could raise the difficulty a little.  I'd like to see not paying attention punished at least.  I'm still a fan of how these Flashpoints are integral to the story though, even if this one wasn't up to the Forged Alliances/Blood Hunt standards.