Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shadow of Revan Impressions

I've been playing SWTOR's Shadow of Revan for a couple of days now, so it is time to write a bit about it.  I would have done it yesterday, but work had other plans for me and I forgot :(  So I am still on Rishi, and still level 55 after 2 days of playing.  Of course, I only play an hour and a half at a time.

Opening.  The intro cinematic was pretty awesome.  It was great that some of my companions got new dialog.  It set the stage well.

Rishi.  Rishi, and Raider's Cove, looks really nice.  The world design team did a good job here. It doesn't feel like any of the previous worlds.

Red Hulls.  The whole Red Hulls story was pretty funny.

Disciplines.  With the new Disciplines system, my Gunnery Commando feels the same as he did with the skill tree system.  Only difference so far is that I have a new button to press.

Story.  The story is pretty good so far.  I like it better than Makeb.

Lag.  It's been a lag free experience for me.

Side Quests.  There are not too many of them, and they have struck a nice balance between text and voice-over.

Lore.  There feels like more lore (codex entries) to read on Rishi than there was on Makeb.

Security Chests.  They have quite a bit of credits in them.  I've gotten 30k a few times.  Plus, they respawn fast.

So far I am enjoying it quite a bit!  I'm really taking my time.  I have not even used a mount yet, instead I'm walking everywhere and taking it all in.