Monday, August 11, 2014

RP Conundrum

I don't Role Play much anymore, but it is hard to leave those tendencies behind.  I used to play MUSH's quite a bit, and have always had an active imagination when it comes to games.  I try to do what makes sense in the context of the game world.  For example, I'll never have an outlandish name.  It'll actually be a name.

So I am having some issues when it comes to SWTOR and Galactic Strongholds.  I get 5 rooms on Nar Shaddaa for free, so I was going to make that my primary stronghold.  Theme wise,  I was thinking it would be a Republic base of operations, as my main is a Trooper.  That's great, lots of fun to be had with that theme.

Strongholds are legacy wide.  So it makes no sense for my Imperial characters to ever visit my Republic base of operations.  I really wanted to concentrate on a single stronghold, so that kind of leaves my Imperial characters out in the breeze.

My main Imperial is an Agent.  I could get the 'cheap' Kaas City stronghold and use that for that side of my legacy.  However, an Imperial base of operations would make more sense on Tatooine rather than in an apartment.  I just can't see myself paying for that at the moment.  

I suppose I could just come up with a different theme for my initial Imperial stronghold.  Maybe a secret agent house.  However, why would my other characters be hanging out there?  Although they are in the same legacy doesn't mean they all hang out and have drinks.

There are worse problems to have :)