Monday, August 25, 2014

Manaan and the Future

SWTOR is currently in the middle of a new story arc, Forged Alliances.  It is mostly being played out in Tactical Flashpoints with some conversations around them.  So far, three new Flashpoints have been introduced:  Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, and Depths of Manaan.  They also added a small new area for Manaan which is really nice to walk around.

I've worked my way through all of them, which is a feat for me since I mostly play solo.  The group finder has worked like a champ and involved very little waiting.  Depths of Manaan triggered immediately after I pressed the button.  Despite how cool it has been working, I'd still like some solo content.  I'll deal though.

I won't go into the story, as you should experience it for yourself.  The Manaan Flashpoint itself was really well done.  The setting was great, it wasn't too long, the fights were cool, and the story was interesting.  You also get to meet an awesome Wookie.  It'll be the subject of this weeks video too.

The third part of the story is due out in early September, with another new Flashpoint.  I think that will then lead into the expansion which is due out this year!  There is plenty going on with SWTOR.  I'll be posting about my unreasonable hopes and dreams about the expansion soon.