Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cartel Coins vs Credits

I like to consider myself on the cheap end of the scale.  This is true in both real currency and virtual currency.  I have a hard to spending money, especially on larger purchases.  This extends toward in-game credits too.  I have ~4 million credits.  However, I have been hesitant to spend the 50k I would need to re-mod my custom gear.

Strongholds bring up an interesting dilemma for me.  Do I part with my credits or do I spend Cartel Coins?  I will likely choose the latter even though I have enough credits to buy a lot of what I want.  I have over 10k of CC to spend, which is enough to get me all of Nar Shaddaa, some legacy bank tabs, and the housing packs.

I feel like credits are harder to obtain than Cartel Coins.  I work all day anyway so I don't want to work when I get home to make credits doing dailies which I don't enjoy.  That's not to say I buy a lot of Cartel Coins, I don't.  They just feel less valuable to me than credits.