Monday, May 12, 2014

Running the Numbers

I am now the proud owner of a Grain Farm in Ascent.  It produces grain at the rate of 207 per day.  So what does that really mean for me financially?  In the Ceres system, grain can be bought for 100 credits per ton.  This is low as the system produces grain.  But, it also means I don't have to travel to other systems.

My ship can only hold 40 tons of cargo, so that means each ship load of grain will net me 4,000 credits.   I have seen grain prices up at 130 in the Vulcan system, so if I make that trip it'll get me 5,300 credits per ship load, but it involves using the jump gate.

I can also make money by trading.  My favorite route is trading Aluminium and Carbon between Vestra and Sol Invictus. Sol sells Carbon for 1,100 and Vestra buys it, at the time of this writing, for 1,419.  That's 12,760 per ship load.  It does require a jump gate, but that is a pretty sweet deal.

Right now, it makes more sense to be trading rather than selling grain from my farm.  I've heard mining can be quite lucrative, so I will be exploring that aspect of the game soon.  For now, I will continue my quest for more cargo space and my eventual Hyperdrive.