Monday, May 5, 2014

End Game Worries

I am still enjoying my time in ESO despite the lack of time to actually play it lately.  Other commitments have conspired against me.  I'm still only level 8 and not even to my Daggerfall main city yet.  At this rate I'll reach 50 sometime next year, maybe.  Even though the end game is far away, I can't help be worried about what Zenimax has planned.

Craglorn is a rather large content patch coming soon to ESO.  It is all about groups, which is fine.  I am a bit disappointed, as a solo player, that a new zone is being introduced which I can't enjoy at my own pace.  The world building in this game is amazing, so I really feel like I will be missing out. 

We now have precedent for the kind of content Zenimax will make for groups: zones, dungeons, trials.  I really want to see what they will do for solo type players.  Right now, the end game content for us is to do the other alliances quests.  I'm not sure I like the idea of this.  I try to identify with my character and it seems jarring that he'd suddenly be doing stuff with the other alliances.  I'd much rather roll an alt and explore the content that way.

I had the same concerns about solo content additions with SWTOR.  Would BioWare be able to add quality story based content at regular intervals to their non-group players?  I think the answer to this has been no, they can not.  Makeb was a full blown expansion, not regular content.  It's not surprising though, the cost of creating high-quality content is high in terms of voice acting and other production values.  ESO also uses a lot of voice acting, will this limit them in the same way it does in SWTOR?