Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Comfort Zone

I am very attached to my routines and comfort zones.  It's probably one of my biggest flaws.  It's something I have been actively working at in my offline life, so I figure it is something I should also work at online.  Project Venice is a part of this effort.  It uses a number of technologies which I have no experience in.  As I researched them, I definitely felt some creeping anxiety.

MongoDB.  No SQL here, or Google's datastore which I have grown used to.  This is pretty simple though, so I'm not really worried.

AngularJS.  I'm so used to using JQuery, well no more of that.  This is a new framework which I will have to learn.

ExpressJS.  This is a web application framework, of which I have no experience.  The documentation scares me a little.

NodeJS.  I've gotten very used to using Python and App Engine's way of doing things.  The asynchronous nature of Node has me very nervous.  I'll need to change my way of thinking.  

Jade.  I usually write my HTML by hand.  Jade is a templating language which is supposed to make things easier.  It means I'll have to learn a new syntax.

All of these things are new to me.  I find myself thinking, "maybe I should just do this the old way."  No!  I must keep on the path, no matter how uncomfortable I may be at the moment.