Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My ESO Crafting Choices

The Elder Scrolls Online has a pretty robust crafting system.  It's not SWG, but it is also not WoW either.  I think it is somewhere between the two.  In ESO you are not forced to choose which crafting skills you want to take.  The only limit is how many Skill Points you want to spend.

The downside to having access to all crafting and gathering skill lines is that it is just a lot to manage.  I've decided to only concentrate on a few of the options:  Blacksmithing,Woodworking, and Enchanting.  I like to where Heavy Armor, so Blacksmithing is a given.  Plus, I eventually want to use a one handed weapon too.

Woodworking allows me to craft staves, as well shields for when I can swap weapons.  Finally, there is Enchanting which lets you make, wait for it, enchantments!  I just like how you combine the ingredients to make your effect.  I see a lot of these when I am out farming nodes and it's fun to translate them.

Provisioning and Alchemy are pretty neat and useful too.  However, I just can't fit those in to my game time.  Same goes for Light Armor which I just don't see myself wearing.  I do gather a lot of Jute though, not sure why.  I never did take to the experimenting nature of Alchemy in any of the previous ES games.