Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guild Store

One of the interesting choices that the ESO team made was to include a Guild Store instead of an Auction House.  Once a guild reaches 50 members, the store unlocks.  You can access it at the same place you find your bank.  I've also heard you can make a public store at controlled keeps in Cyrodiil.

This sparked an interesting discussion on Twitter by guild leader, Belghast.  The question was something like, how do you feel about making money off of fellow guild members?  I was at work and could not really participate, so I figure this is the next best thing.

I'm a little torn on the subject.  I do love making money, especially playing the Auction House.  Buying low, selling high; Cornering a market, it's all a lot of fun for me.  That's not really an option in ESO.  Actually, it is probably still possible, but requires a heck of a lot more work.

When it comes to guilds, my attitude is a bit different.  In real life, I never charge friends and family anything.  My only requirement is that they come get whatever I am giving away.  The same goes for the guild, as I consider them friends.  Although, the guild is pretty big and I don't know many of the people in it.

I was recently considering putting up Blacksmith items for people to deconstruct.  I was thinking of charging 15 gold per item, which covers the cost of the style component. I don't really intend to profit off of the guild, but being close to breaking even would be nice.

So where do you stand on making money off of your guild?