Monday, April 14, 2014

Mixed Feelings about Craglorn

Recently, Zenimax announced the first content patch for ESO.  It is what they call an adventure zone, named Craglorn.  If you have not seen the video below, it pretty much tells you all about it.  Craglorn is a zone made for 4 person groups, but also includes instanced boss fights and a 12 man trial which is like a raid but timed.

So why the mixed feelings?  Mainly because it is all group content.  I certainly understand the need for it.  There should be group content for the 'end game' players.  It sounds pretty cool if I look at it from that point of view.  The problem is, this content offers nothing for me.  Never mind that I am mostly a solo player, by the time I reach the end game this content will be old and I may not be able to find any takers.

Craglorn also sets precedent for the kind of content Zenimax might release in the future.  If adventure zones are group focused, what kind of content can solo players expect?  It really comes down to adding new quests and story lines.  They could use old areas, ala The Secret World, but it'd be cool to see them in these new zones.  So I will be a little worried until I see what they have planned for us solo types.