Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Summer of SWTOR

Not too long ago, BioWare revealed their summer plans for SWTOR.  As I wrote, I am not very excited about what I read.  This is going to be a selfish post, hence the 'My' in the title.  So, what would I like to see this summer?

Looking for Raid. I will never see Nightmare mode Operations.  So instead of adding these modes, I would much rather see their Story Mode versions added to the group finder. I am much more likely to see that content if they were in LFR.

New Events.  There is a new recurring event coming in 2.3.  The fact that it is recurring totally kills my excitement for it.  Let's be honest, it is really just a set of temporary dailies.  I would much rather see new one time events instead.  The Rakghoul Plague and Chevin Scavenger Hunt were a lot of fun and memorable.  I don't consider the Gree event to be either.

New Story Quests.  We are getting a new daily zone in 2.3, but I'm not sure I count that as story content.  I want a voiced quest lines instead.  For a game that is supposedly based on story, there is surprisingly little of it introduced in patches.  The Secret World seems to do a better job of that than SWTOR since they add quests in their Issue releases.