Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Double XP weekends are stopping me from playing

One of the most exciting aspects of the Summer of SWTOR is that double XP weekends are making a comeback.  Starting June 22nd, XP will rain down... like rain. I for one, can not wait.  My plan is to make more progress through Makeb, and work on my Imperial Agent who is still doing Chapter 1 of his class story.  But as the title infers, there is a problem.

My motivation to play without the double XP is very low.  Just knowing that I could be making double has prevented me from logging in and playing.  I know it shouldn't matter, but it does.  So I'll just wait for those weekends.  That way, I can progress just doing the things I like (i.e. Class missions).

There are 25% boosts I can buy on the AH or in the Cartel Market, but 25% is not nearly as fruitful as double.  I will of course be stacking these during the double XP weekends, yay stacking!  So right now, SWTOR is pretty much on the back burner until the double XP weekends hit later this month.