Thursday, June 6, 2013

Werit plays WoW?

It's true, I installed and played WoW yesterday.  It all started with an email from Blizzard offering me Mists of Pandaria for free and seven days of game time.  I applied the game code to my Battle Net account and figured I may as well download the game while I was there.

I also  took a look at their recent 5.3 patch and was impressed by the amount of stuff that was added.  Lots of scenarios, which always looked like a neat idea to me.  They also have a robust LFG system which includes raids.  Since they have the gear score system (unlike SWTOR) they can put requirements on raids, allowing them to add more to the system.

I have not played WoW in quite a while.  My main there is a Human Warrior at level 80.  So I still have to work my way through Cataclysm content.  It also seems like I was a bit of a pack rat the last time I played.  Just look at this inventory.

My first order of business was to clean up that mess.  I either sold or destroyed pretty much everything that I did know I needed.  Then I cleaned up the quest log, laving just the breadcrumb quests for Cataclysm.  Then there is my gear, ugh.  I look pretty awful.  SWTOR has definitely spoiled me when it comes to looking good.

I then went to upgrade my professions (Mining and Blacksmith) so I could continue my progression.  Then I noticed my flying mount would not actually fly in Stormwind.  It seems I need to buy an upgrade for that too. Flying is one of the things I really enjoy about WoW, so I was happy to spend the 200 gold.

Next up, speccing my Warrior.  I went with Fury, as I intend to just be a simple DPSer.  I also love Titan's Grip.  Dual wielding two hand weapons is just cool.  Although, I could not find any reference to that skill, maybe it is innate now?

My next stop was Mount Hyjal to start the Cataclysm content.  I had to get my keybinds setup correctly first, then figure out a rotation.  I actually died to the Rock Elementals right outside the starting area.  The item level from he first quest reward was surprisingly high, much higher than any gear I was wearing.  Of course, it was mail, not plate.  To the vendor it goes!

That about covers my time in WoW.  We'll see how much more time I spend in the game.