Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer of SWTOR... meh

Last week, we got a detailed look at what will be coming up for SWTOR this summer.  Overall, I found BioWare's plans to be lacking.  I am quite pleased that they laid out the details for us to see though.  So kudos to BioWare, even if I am underwhelmed by their plans.

Basically, the next 2 patches will involve adding Nightmare modes to Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villainy Operations.  As I don;t really get a chance to do Operations, even in story mode, these don't do anything for me.  Some players will like them though.

In August, 2.3 will arrive, and bring a whole bunch of content along with it.  That includes new flashpoints (plural?), daily area, recurring event, and graphical upgrades.  I have very little interest in the first two.  I don;t really go in for dungeons, and I only do a daily area once.  The recurring event sounds cool, as do graphical upgrades.  I'm happy to see them included.

The best part of the post to me?  The comeback of double XP weekends!  I am very excited about that, as it will be a great chance to work on my alts while only doing class/planet content.  There was also a mention of PvP for patch 2.4.  That's pretty far off, so it really isn't something I'm going to get excited about just yet.

Overall,  there is not too much for me this summer in SWTOR.  That's fine though, there is a glut of games I have to play.