Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WAR 1.4.5 Q&A

With Warhammer Online's 1.4.5 patch drawing ever closer, it is time for another Q&A with the development team.  Last Q&A, we talked about Fortresses.  This time around, I wanted to cover what else we might be seeing with the patch.  Also, more Fortress details!

1)  Grovod Caverns has been talked about for a while now, will we see its return soon?

Yes, the final polish is being put on now and we hope to have it as planned in 1.4.5

2)  It's Skaven themed, can you please elaborate on how it will work compared to a normal scenario?

Players will begin as their choice of skaven. Fighting will center around control of a single Bomb, which is intended to be used to destroy the skaven machinations of the enemy in the caverns.  High points are awarded for the destruction of enemy machinations.

3)  Will there be any notable combat and career changes coming in 1.4.5?

There will be some changes and fixes, but the primary focus of 1.4.5 is the relics and fortresses, with a side of Grovod.

4)  In the last Q&A, it was mentioned that Guilds and Alliances may be able to claim Fortresses.  High level, how will this work and what's in it for the claimer? 

Correct, similar to the old system, an alliance can claim a fortress and bring more defense to bear for their realm.  Other guilds in the alliance can also spot fortify the fortress with a new mechanic being introduced.

In addition to adding physical defenses to the Fortress, claiming these spots will reward Alliance members with various buffs to help them in their defense of the Fortress. These buffs are localized to the Fortress area where they are gained, and are not the same as any buffs or bonuses gained by controlling relics.

5)  Another aspect of Forts will be the ability to assume the role of a Fort Lord or his guards. Can you give us any details about how and why a player would do this?

The option will be there to allow the Generals (the new replacement for the Lord and guards) to defend on their own.  However, if a brave soul wants to assume responsibility and take on that mantle they will become the General and use that granted power to actively respond to an attack.

There are two reasons someone might do this.  One, it’s fun.  Two, players will always outplay an NPC. There will be four (4) Generals available (Healer, Tank, Ranged DPS, and Melee DPS). They will only be available once the Fortress has been claimed by an Alliance. Additionally, the opportunity to assume the role of a General will only be available while the NPC is not in combat.

6)  Will a realm be limited in the amount of relics they can have claimed?  For example, can Order claim and hold all three indefinitely?

There is no limit on the relics.  Currently there is no time limit either.

7)  Tier 7 Armor Sets, anything you can tell us about how we will obtain them?

At this point no.  The only hint I can give is that they will have a way to earn access that ties into the fortress and relics.

8)  When can players expect to see 1.4.5 on the PTS?

Right now our plan is to get up the initial version of the relic/fortress for testing on PTS in December.