Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Dwarf and an Elf walk into a bar

And they both join Wrath of Heroes.  Yeah, that's the best I could come up with.  PC Gamer brings us news of two new Heroes coming to WoH.  Both of which will be present in this weeks beta test.  I'm always happy to see another Dwarf join the fray. The Elf.... well at least she carries a big axe.

Aessa the White Lion

Read more over at the PC Gamer site.

Gromki the Rune Priest

No video for this guy, but here is some text from the article...
Gromki, the Dwarf Rune Priest, was conceived as a non-healing support Hero, but he’s changed a lot over multiple iterations. While he still has no healing abilities, he’s now moved into the role of a damage dealer with utility. Unlike other Heroes, his available debuffs don’t have durations, and are instead limited to only affecting one target at a time. Our intent was to create a Hero that’s almost a walking debuff, one that you dispel with damage.