Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Call for Beta 2

According to the Wrath of Heroes Facebook page, this weekends will be the last for this stage of the beta.  It went pretty quick, but a lot of progress was made between this stage and the last.  I really enjoy the new record keeping, tactics and heroes.  I wonder what beta 3 will have in store for us?

Time for this weekends test:

  • Thursday, November 3rd – 4pm-8pm EDT (8pm-12am GMT)
  • Friday, November 4th – 10am-10pm EDT (2pm-2am GMT)
  • Saturday, November 5th – 12pm-6pm EDT (4pm-10pm GMT)
As far as I can tell, not much has changed between this weekends test and the last.  Zathis and Conrad are still around to be tried out.  

New Fansite.  For those of you that speak Portuguese (or use Google Translate), there is a new Wrath of Heroes Fansite.  It has forums, videos and a Mumble server.