Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Things I Miss in SWTOR

I'm mostly ok with the changes SWTOR has made throughout the years.  I'm also pretty hopeful for the future.  There are a couple of things I do miss which have been removed from the game though.  Sadly, I think the chances of seeing either again is very slim.

1)  8 vs 8 Ranked PvP.  I like PvP quite a bit, but I really don't enjoy 4 vs 4 ranked arenas.  There used to be ranked 8 vs 8 which is much more my style.  I'd love to try and get the Ranked PvP rewards, but I just don't see it happening if I have to do arenas.  It's a shame it didn't work out, because I'd be more involved with PvP if they were still around.  With the new rewards, it may get better traction.

2) Ilum.  Coming from Warhammer Online, open world PvP was a big part of my gaming life.  I love roaming around and getting in skirmishes.  Sadly, Ilum was plagued with performance and design problems.  BioWare determined they couldn't fix it, or it wasn't worth fixing.  So it was removed from the game.  It's tough though, I really think a game needs to be designed with that kind of system in mind, rather than just having it was a distraction.

Those are a couple things I miss in SWTOR.  

In other news, I got the Cryogenics Tank from Lost Island :)