Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SWTOR Worries

While I am really excited for Knights of the Fallen Empire, I still have worries about the game.  Most of my concerns centers around whether or not BioWare has really thought things through.  This isn't limited to BioWare of course, I have felt the same about almost every game.  They all have ideas that are neat, at first.  But when you think of them long term, they get less neat.

I thought like this about SWTOR originally.  Eight class stories, awesome!  Hmmm, how could they ever expand on this in the future?  We all know how that turned out.  New RvR system for Warhammer Online, yay!  Hmmm, it was a lot of fun the first time, but over and over?

Now, back to Fallen Empire.  The new 16 episode story with monthly content sounds awesome.  However, what happens after that in Season 2?  Do any of our choices cross over?  Will any of the new companions have roles in the new story, some may not be around?  What about the major characters that become companions,  will they play any part?  If we look 5 years ahead, will we still be on this track?

I just really hope BioWare has answered these kind of questions.  My fear is that they just made it future BioWare's problem.