Thursday, September 10, 2015

More than meets the eye

So, I will do this as spoiler-free as I can.  More data-mining information came out as the TOR Community DB was updated for 4.0.  That means we got a look at a lot of potential new items in the game.  There were certainly some surprises in there.  Of course, this info is subject to change and may never happen.

New Packs.  No surprise, but new Cartel packs are coming with some interesting decorations.  That includes Zakuul stuff.  Theron lovers will also be happy.  Plus, new kinds of Cartel Packs.

New Content.  Some of the items and achievements pointed to two new types of content. It is unclear whether or not they are group content or solo. They have not been mentioned by BioWare yet either.

New Crafting.  Seems there are new things to craft, besides the normal.  The one i saw had to do with Operations, and took Conquests rewards as ingredients.

New Music.  There is some excellent new music coming in Fallen Empire.

So yeah, there is more going on with Fallen Empire than just Story it seems.  We'll have to see how extensive the 'new content' is.  It could be really short for all we know.