Friday, October 11, 2013


Over the past few weeks, I have been finding myself with decreasing amounts of free time.  Part of this is due to my new real life job.  I want to make the most of that opportunity, so I tend to work later than I really need to.  Things are going well so far there.

After work, it is family time.  The kids used to take naps and oh what a sweet time that was.  Those days are gone now though.  So when I get home, I cannot really put forth the concentration needed to play one of my many neglected games.  By the time night rolls around, I'm usually too beat to play.

That leaves the weekends.  I tend have a bit more free time, but it is usually the time I spend on my various programming projects.  When it comes to being productive or playing games, the former usually wins out.

These days I find myself playing games less and less.  It is a trend I really want to reverse, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  I have some ideas on how to fix this problem, it involves combining being productive and playing games at the same time.  We'll see if I can do it though, so more on that later.