Monday, October 21, 2013

A Crossroads

When it comes to strategy games, I'm a bit of a cheater.  Before major decisions I tend to make saves and will not hesitate to go back to them if it doesn't work out the way I wanted it to.  During my game of Europa Universalis 4 I've recently run into one of these decisions.  Let me set the stage.

I'm playing as Venice, a Merchant Republic, around 1496.  My goal is to pretty much expand my economic dominance as far as possible and rake in the ducats Scrooge McDuck style.  I had set my sights on expanding into India/East Africa.

To reach this goal, I figure I needed a Red Sea port.  Standing between me and the Red Sea are the Mamluks.  So I declared war on them.  After a few key battles I broke their army and took most of their provinces.  At the peace table, I asked for and received the Sinai Peninsula, including Gaza and Judea.

So I had reached my goal, but was it worth the effort?  It was a long war, and I took quite a manpower and ducat hit.  I also had to use a lot of Administrative/Diplomacy power.  It left me with a bunch of new lands to core, and a lot of rebels to potentially fight.

I also may have made a mistake when selecting my second National Idea. I chose Economic instead of the one that provides explorers and colonists.  So I can't actually make use of my newly acquired ports.   On the plus side, I have more Trade Power in the Alexandria Trade Node now.

I'm debating restarting from my save back before the war.  Although I don't know what direction I'd take from there.