Friday, October 4, 2013

Riots Crazy Tournament Schedule

It's World Championship time in League of Legends.  They have run a pretty awesome tournament for it so far, except for one aspect: the schedule.   I love watching LoL, and do whenever I get a chance (especially on my Roku).  But there is a slight problem.

For whatever reason, Riot had a number of rounds start at 11pm EDT.  That is way too late for me to even consider watching.  What makes things worse is that the championship game is scheduled for Friday (10/4) at 11 PM.  I will not be able to see the big finale, in real time at least.

I understand League of Legends is a global sport, and no matter what some timezones are just going to get screwed.  Maybe it is East Coast bias, but I'm not used to being on this end of things.  It seems like the final game should be in a more East Coast/European friendly time of 8pm.  That would still work for the West Coast too, if it was held on a Saturday or Sunday rather than a Friday.

I'm sure Riot had a good reason to hold it at the time they did.  I'm just sad I'll miss the seasons finale.