Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cartel Market Doldrums

The last few Cartel Packs in the SWTOR store have been pretty underwhelming for me.  There hasn't been anything introduced that I must have lately.  I think the last thing I really wanted was a Massive Anti-Air Turret decoration for a stronghold.  I've also enjoyed Bantha mounts, slot machines, and other various decorations.

Since I have been spending time in Star Trek Online, I've noticed quite a difference in philosophies.  STO introduces all sorts of desirable items into their store.  Of course, they also sell power where SWTOR does not.  Still, it's at least somewhat interesting.

I look forward to actually wanting something from the Cartel Market again.  I'm not sure what it'll be, probably a housing decoration.  The only kind of mount I'd want would be a walker.  I have yet to see an armor set that I really wanted. So hopefully BioWare can get me excited about the Cartel Market again soon.  I have a whole bunch of Cartel Coins to spend!