Friday, October 31, 2014


Usually on Fridays I have a video to show.  I think I am going to take a break from doing them.  One reason is that I am pretty busy with Social Questing and playing SWTOR.  Another is that the videos are just not seeing the growth that I would like.  Thirteen weeks in a row is a pretty good amount though, so I am happy about that.

This week was a pretty good one as far as SWTOR goes.  I made a pretty big windfall on the GTN.  I found a Hunter's Planning Table on the GTN for the default price of 450 credits.  I quickly snatched this up and posted it for 400,000 credits.  I was quite pleased when it sold for a very nice profit.

By using the credits I made by selling warzone decorations, I made enough to buy a Massive Anti-Air Turret from the GTN for 2.25 million credits.  This guy won't fit in my Nar Shaddaa stronghold so I am going to have to buy the Tatooine stronghold.  Sounds like a plan for this weekend!  Of course, last night I checked the Turret pricing on the GTN and one was for sale for 1.5 million credits.  Oh well.