Friday, December 27, 2013

I'm Still Here

It has been a little while since I last blogged, but I am still alive and kicking.  I expect my short hiatus to be over, now that the holidays are wrapping up.  I can try to blame my lack of posts on the holidays, but it is mainly due to me not really playing anything.

NoobistTV.  This video and streaming project has been taking up a good chunk of my free time.  It's still young and growing, albeit slowly.

Galactic Starfighter.  I did get a little SWTOR in recently.  I found that I really stink at Galactic Starfighter.  It's probably due to my control setup, as the n52te I use really isn't setup to handle the flight controls.  Or maybe it is just me, although I remember being semi-decent at these sort of games.

Hope you all had a good holiday (so far)!