Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Haul

Another Christmas in the books.  This December went by extraordinarily fast.  It took so much longer as a kid.  Anyways,  Santa was good to me this year.  Let's take a look at what he brought me :)

Games.  Of course.  I received Madden 25 and Call of Duty Ghosts.  Both for the Xbox One.  I still have to finish Dead Rising 3, so these should keep me pretty busy console wise.  I also got a rechargeable battery kit for the XBox One controller.

Books.  I asked for and received one traditional book, Programming Google App Engine.  Most of my projects use that platform, so it was nice to get a physical reference for it.

I also got two books on CD:  The Cold Commands by Richard Morgan and Under the Dome by Stephen King.  These should keep occupied during my commute for quite a while.

Roku 2.  I already have a Roku, but my kinds have commandeered it to watch Amazon Prime movies.  So I asked for a second one so I could watch Twitch live streams.

Movie.  I was given the Hobbit Blu-Ray as well.  I had seen it in theaters, but I wanted to watch it one more time before seeing the sequel.  Now I just have to make time to do that before the Desolation of Smaug stops showing.

Amazon.  I did get some Amazon gift cards too.  These will surely be used quickly.  I'm going to try to save them for future game purchases though.

Clothes.  What would Christmas be without some clothes?