Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ziost Report Card

I finished up Ziost yesterday on my Trooper.  That includes the story missions and the daily area.  I will only do the latter once.  I did not do any of the group content.  I kind of want to, but I'm just not usually online enough to get in a group.  We'll see what happens.  I think the Operation boss might be in the Group Finder?

If I were to give Ziost a grade, it would be a:  A-.  I think that is a very good grade, as I won't give out A's easily.  BioWare did an excellent job with 3.2.  I can only hope this is an indicator of how they will do more in the future.

What kept it from an A+?

First, it could have been a little longer story wise.  Maybe one more area.

Second,  while I liked the ending, I just wish there was a little more talking about it.  It ended a bit abruptly.