Friday, February 21, 2014

Outpost Scuffle - ESO PvP

I made a concerted effort to reach level 10 in The Elder Scrolls Online beta.  At level 10, you can join the battle in Cyrodiil which is where the games PvP takes place.  I have been searching for something to replace the hole in my life, known as WAR.  Knowing that one of the guys responsible for DAoC was involved with ESO gave me hope of finally filling that hole.  Of course, it is too early to tell if ESO is that game.

Cyrodiil is big, very big.  This is even more true when you don't have a mount, which is my current problem.  I have to walk/run everywhere.  So I went out for a stroll.  Someone in zone chat was putting together a group to retake an outpost from those Daggerfall Covenant dogs.  We took out the guards, deployed a ram at the door and then things started to get interesting.

An Aldmeri Dominion scout dropped in and was quickly dispatched.  Next came a tank for the DC, who was pretty much unkillable with our small group.  I don't know enough to speak as to why yet.  Eventually an AD force came and took over the siege.  We attempted to dispatch them, but failed due to poor decisions.  Sadly, that group disbanded.

The AD eventually took the outpost, but a different group of Ebonheart players joined me by the outpost.  We harassed them for a while, getting kills here and there.  Eventually they acted together and defeated us.  It was a fun time overall, check out the video, with commentary!