Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Makeb: So Far, So Good

After prepping for SWTOR's new expansion, I was finally ready to actually play it.  I find questing in SWTOR to be a mixed bag.  The class specific quests are great.  The planetary missions are usually pretty decent.  Then there are the plethora of side missions, which I detest.  There's also the bonus quests which are generally ok as you do them while you are doing other stuff anyways.

So far, it looks as if Makeb is really concentrated on a planetary mission arc.  I am only in the first area, but it has all been about the main questline, except for an extra Heroic quest.  No other extra side missions, most everything has to do with the main quest.  I am really enjoying it for that reason.

Another nice aspect of Makeb is that it seems to be very linear.  By linear, I mean that it leads me through the zone instead of having a quest hub which I constantly return to.  Since I am still only in the first area, I can't speak for the rest of the planet.  Hopefully it is the same.

Due to time constraints, I am only getting in half hour play sessions.  That is making the expansion feel quite large, at least to me.  I have not even gotten to the Macrobinoculars and seeker droids yet.